Welcome   to   the   Website   of   Thoresby   Lodge   No.   4920.      We   are   located   in   Pudsey,   a   small   town situated between Leeds and Bradford, in the county of West Yorkshire. This   site   is   for   members   of   our   Lodge,   or   anyone   who   would   like   to   find   out   more   about   us,   or Freemasonry in general. On   this   site   you   will   find   information   about   our   history,   current   activities   and   our   future plans. You    will    also    find    links    to    other    Masonic    websites,    these    sites    contain    information    about Freemasonry, its charitable work, history and its future. Freemasonry    is    an    organisation    which    transcends    religious    and    political    boundaries.        We welcome    people    from    all    backgrounds,    our    aim    is    both    to    help    each    other    and    the    wider community.   
Thoresby Lodge No. 4920
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