Thoresby   Lodge   was   consecrated   on   6 th    October   1927,   we   originally   met   at   the   Masonic   Hall, Great   George   Street,   Leeds.      The   Lodge   is   named   after   Ralph   Thoresby  ,   a   noted   historian   from Leeds. After   moving   to   Pudsey   Masonic   Hall  ,   we   became   part   of   the   Pudsey   Family   of   Lodges.      Other Lodges    who    also    meet    here    include    Prince    of    Wales    No.    1648,    St.    Laurence    No.    2330      and Benevolence No. 5612. We   are   part   of   the   Province   of   Yorkshire   West   Riding     and   in   common   with   other   Masonic   Lodges in England, we are governed by the   United Grand Lodge of England  . Our    regular    Lodge    meetings    are    held    on    the    3 rd     Tuesday    of    every    month,    with    practice meetings   on   each   Tuesday   in   between.      We   do   not   however   meet   in   July   or   August   as   this   is our summer recess. Charity   is   very   much   at   the   heart   ot   Freemasonry.      On   our   Charity     page   you   will   see   details   of some of the causes we support both locally and nationally. Socially   we   are   a   very   active   Lodge   and   hold   many   functions   throughout   the   year.      These include   our   Ladies’   Night   and   Annual   Lodge   Weekend.      At   these   events   wives,   partners   and other guests are always warmly welcomed. If    you    would    like    to    become    a    part    of    our    family,    or    would    simply    like    more    information please   get   in   touch.      You   would   be   welcome   to   visit   us,   at   which   time   we   would   be   able   to answer any questions you may have about becoming a Freemason.
Thoresby Lodge No. 4920
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