A   simple   question   is   why   would   I   even   consider   becoming   a   Freemason?      To   try   and   give   a single answer is probably impossible, because Freemasonry is different for every individual. There   are   many   questions   people   have   about   Freemasonry.      Over   the   years   numerous   myths and rumours have been circulated in the media and more recently on the internet.   Perhaps   you   are   looking   for   a   new   hobby   or   simply   want   to   meet   new   friends.      Why   not arrange   to   visit   us?      Our   members   will   be   happy   to   talk   to   you   about   their   own   experiences, the benefits and what Freemasonry means to them. There    are    also    many    websites    which    have    Question    and    Answer    sections,    including    the United Grand Lodge of England -   FAQ’s  . Please   take   a   few   minutes   to   watch   the   videos   below,   they   may   help   to   give   an   insite   into what being a Freemason is really like.
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